New trend products after puff bar

We got new a few days ago that FBA ask Puff bar, Myle USA INC and HQD USA INC removed their products which seems target to youth people. The video and pics for marketing are made so attractive. We got many news from OEM manufacturer and smoke shop’s owner. Most of this disposable vapor bars brand owner get the email 3 weeks ago. So, they canceled some OEM orders. Till now, almost brand owners wouldn’t take any new action right now, Just waiting for the PMTA to pass by. Anyway, it’s seem the disposable vapor bars’ sale will drop quickly in a short time.


What gonna be the most hot selling product in the next months? I thought there will be the cbd carts battery. But it’s clearly to see that the cbd carts battery also lack of new innovation products. Because They are also selling imini which is hot selling since 2019. You can also check the search rate data from Alibaba and Google trends.


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