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Creative for healthy life

Born in 2020, based on Yomi Tech. DOT keened on vape industry for 8 years, including 4 years production experience in dry herb vaporizer. Until today, we have supplied OEM & ODM service for over 30 American famous brand clients.

DOT aims to be the world's largest vaporizer battery manufacturer, positioned on innovation and quality assurance. Our goal is: Put the quality in the first place and develop each DOT product. Ensure every battery with high quality (EVERY MAH COUNTS) and every PCB Board 100% passed the test. Driven by innovation and development, DOT carefully crafts each products for our users.

DOT dedicated to develop professional sales consultants and timely after-sales service center, building high-tech engineering team and stable production line. To ensure each of our clients can get the plenty profit they deserved!

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108 Employees
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