Are you also looking for a new product to ignite the market ?

Have you noticed CBD battery market has been quiet and not appear a leading product to explode the market for a long time. Which one do you love now?  The mechanically rotating BBTANK or the portable Imini kit? Are you also lookingfor a new product to ignite the market ?

Under everyone's expectation, MINIQ is coming! A new CBD revolutionary product definitely worth your waiting.

Screen-Less LED VV Indicator

Have you also noticed that MiniQ doesn’t have a screen, but it can show the voltage, and cycle indicator when charging. It’s amazing right ? This is a very new attempt. No screen on product, but can show VV on it, first in this market. No vape battery has a such function 

4vv setting | 2.7V | 3.2V | 3.7V | 4.2V | 

Click 1 time to change VV with Switch button ,4vv setting(2.7V、3.2V、3.7V、4.2V ). One product that meets all needs.

Airflow activator.

Do you feel tired of pressing the button all the time when vaping. Once your hand stops, you will not be able to vape normally. With MiniQ, there is no worry about these. MiniQ is vaping by airflow activator. It's very easy to operate.

Ultrasonic Welding Technology, portable design

Do you noticed that there is no any screw on it? Smooth appearance design, perfect surface treatment. This is Ultrasonic Welding Technology. 
Bulky battery is hard to carry? Just by its name, you already know that MiniQ is mini and portable. Most importantly, small as it but have large capacity at 650mah. This allows you to easily carry and use it anytime and anywhere. That's one of its highlights. 

Automatic shutdown

Do you also worry when you forget to turn it off after vaping, there will be safety risks? Don't worry, we have power-off protection. No any operation within 13mins will shutdown.
Are these things that you will think about when you choose a product? Could these make a difference to your eyes?
Could these meet your requirement of new products? Could these be the reasons you choose us?