TOP 5 Best CBD Carts battery 2020

Today, we talk about the top 10 best batteries for THC Vape cartridges 2020.


Top 1 BBTANK Keybox battery


· l Variable Voltage Design - 2.7V | 3.1V | 3.6V

· l 350 mAh Battery

· l Secret Car Fob Design

· l Built-in USB Charger


There is no doubt, the bbtank key battery is extraordinary design product on the market. Made by Shenzhen Babyton Technology which specializes in CBD/THC/HEMP oil vapes for years. The flip spring design make it popular once it was released in the market 2017. Since it’s so small, the bbtank features a relatively light 350 mAh battery capable of up to 3.6V output. We put it on the first rate because we think this engineer is genius. He make so many man’s hobby(car key collection) into reality!

Top 2 Vmod

· l Variable Voltage Design - 2.5V | 3.0V | 3.5V | 4.0V             

· l 900 mAh Battery

· l Pre-heat Function for Thicker Oils

· l Micro-USB - Overcharging Protection


When discretion is a priority, the v-mod 2 is an awesome compact vape cartridge battery that slips easily in any bag, pocket, or palm. Designed for use with thick oils, this vape looks similar to an old ipod shuffle so nobody will suspect a thing! Compatible with all 520 thread cartridges only the cart mouthpiece is visible above the frame. Despite its miniature size, the v-mod 2 packs a powerful punch with a 900 mAh battery that will keep you vaping without the need to charge. 4 voltage settings, one more than most 510 thread batteries, give better control of your clouds.

An upgrade from the original v-mod, the v-mod 2 has also incorporated haptic feedback that lets the user know when the preheat is complete. Simply preheat thicker oils or dive right in with thinner oils. If you want an uncomplicated vape pen thats easy to conceal and even easier to use, the v-mod 2 is the best choice.


TOP 3 imini 3

With the little cutie looking, without any shelter. imini 3 break the knowledge of all of our suppliers. Which used to think the carts need be hidden. They realized that we are made a mistake with the hot selling of the imini 3. The market is not always same. If you have a better design, Don't care about the worldly perspective. Go head to chasing your dream!


TOP 4 Ccell Palm

· l Fixed Voltage - 3.7V

· l 500 mAh

· l Buttonless Design

· l Micro-USB Charging


The CCell Palm 510 is true to its name, fitting easily in your palm for comfort and easy travel. Be as concealed or open as you like about using this vape pen. Like other batteries on this list, the cartridge fits down inside the outer shell so that the cart and the connecting adapters are protected in case of an accidental drop. The battery life of the 500 mAh battery is incredible and lasts over 250 puffs per charge. To use the CCell Palm 510, simply inhale and let the advanced battery do its job. Self-adapted optimum temperature technology and a button-less design take all the guesswork out of vaping oils.


Top 5 OOZE Ooze Slim Twist Pen 


· l Variable Voltage Design - 3.3V - 4.8V

· l 320 mAh Battery

· l Twist-on USB Charging

· l Lifetime Warranty


The Ooze Twist is another solid pick favorite of ours. This pen vape offers portable, powerful hits in just about any color you’d want. Ooze pens fit all 510 thread cartridges and offers variable voltage that can be adjusted by twisting the bottom of the pen. This offers more temperature customization than a lot of other pens. An auto-shut off after 15 seconds assures that tossing this pen in your pocket or bag won’t accidentally start a fire. The pen also has 15 second preheat mode if you’re starting cold, letting you vaporize thicker oils. Our only downside is the twist on USB charger. Many pens that use this type of charging tend to get oil caked in the thread so make sure you keep this pen clean!


At last, there is a revolutionary cart battery MINIQ will be launched in August. The fabulous design must break your impression for tradition carts battery! Combine the high technology quality with tradition craft. This noble design must lead another trend 2020!



· l Screen-Less LED VV Indicator

· l Ultrasonic Welding Technology 

· l Integrated design, Small body with large capacity

· l 4vv setting(2.7V3.2V3.7V4.2V)  easy to switch


Every mAh counts! - MADE BY DOT TECH

Check out what will happen to this extraordinary stunner! Another legend start beginning !!!


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