Do you notice the trend about Lead-free cartridge?

Do carts have lead in them?  

amount of lead is bad but exposure is realistically unavoidable. Lead is in the rain, in the soil, in our food, and its in our electronics. Lead contamination is a global issue and everybody can expect to be exposed to some degree of inhaled or ingested lead through cross-contamination. The unique properties of lead mean that it continues to be used, despite its deleterious effects on the human anatomy. Lead is unique because of its softness, malleability, poor conductibility, resistance to corrosion, and abundance it’s cheap. There are so many ways we ingest it in (hopefully) small amounts, the best a human can do is to monitor intake. Even that is difficult because good information is scarce. In the early days of the industry, there were heavy metals in atomizers because of the material limitations.


Can fake carts get you sick?

Our factory start produced the cbd carts since 2014. One of our oil customer send us a initial cbd carts, the raw material even is PC in that time. So, we always said CBD carts which was initially adopted from ecigrette designs. This precious carts go aboard our company across the world. We still feel grateful for this client who bring us to this great industry.


The first time we heard lead free carts at the end of 2018. Customer said they need carts past the heavy metal test in that time. With the 1 half a year developing, Almost our client require lead-free carts now.

 We moved quickly to find the way once we realized heavy metal contamination is a big problem in cannabis industry. Changed the raw material from PC, PP to glass, ceramic. All of the metal parts need be tested before come to our warehouse. As technology improves, all of our carts passed the heavy metal testing. Our lead-free vape cartridge built on a proven design with millions sold, supporting high terpene oil content and has no issues with leaking.


Here is some of our heavy metal test report:

Choice the DOT, living the heavy life now!

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