DOTECO was awarded the “Tobacco Monopoly Production Enterprise License”
DOTECO is an innovative enterprise, integrating R&D, production, and sales of CBD batteries, kits, and disposable vapes. 

Recently, DOTECO has officially obtained the "License for Tobacco Monopoly Manufacturing Enterprises (Electronic Cigarette Manufacturer)" issued by the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration, license No.:5144030189 .

The issuance of the Tobacco Monopoly Production Enterprise License is a recognition for us to actively implement the Measures for the ''Administration of E-Cigarettes'' of the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration and embrace the standardized development of the industry;  This is a high recognition of our company's legal and compliant operation in the past and its dedication to making products; It is also an important milestone in the development history of DOTECO.

In the new journey, DOTECO will first uphold the core values of national interests and consumer safety first, strictly abide by national policies and regulations, increase product R&D, and focus on product quality and safety. We firmly believe that Every mAh Counts is also responsible for every battery produced in our company. Relevant products are recorded and traded through the e-cigarette trading platform, providing better and safer products for adult consumers in accordance with the law and rules. Making due contributions to promoting the healthy and high-quality development of the industry.

In December 2020, through 6 months of R&D and testing, MiniQ was born, with an unprecedented Screen-less display function, and fired the first shot of DOTECO innovation. Soon after, MiniS was launched, leading the way with a personalized design.

In February 2021, DOTECO's developed product was exclusive to the USA TOP3 brands. Aurora 1.0 was launched in August. DOTECO is constantly advancing innovation and development.

In April 2022, after 5 months of R&D, and verification, MGear4 came out strongly.  It was well received in the industry once it was launched, which once again proved that Classic Never Goes Out.

In May 2022, Tik10 was shocked to come into the market. As the smallest vape battery on the market, we guarantee the perfect function: 3 protection, 4VV Settings,15s preheating... "Think Small, Act Big" is our belief. TIK10 has also become an essential item for influencers.

In June 2022, TARGETX launched. Its unique telescope shape design and classic mechanical twist button for setting voltage injected new vitality into the stereotyped CBD battery market.

Vape keeps evolving, DOTECO keeps innovating. Join us, Join us, and co-resume a new chapter.