Doteco TargetX Review: It looks like a pair of binoculars

After reviewing the Doteco Tik10 and Tik20, we thought it might be fun to stay with the 510-Cartridge game a little while longer. Luckily, the Doteco TargetX vape cartridge battery fit the bill nicely.

Vape Mods for Cartridges

At first, I wanted to see if the TargetX could be a mod for both cartridges (CBD and Cannabis), and for, maybe, vaping of vape juice in a standard cartomizer. It can, but it’s not designed for that. Not only are 510 cartos rarely available in vape shops locally, if near impossible to find them online. Even if you were able to find them, it’s 2023 and you must ask yourself, “Do you really want to vape a cartomizer?” My answer was “no”.

If you’ve been vaping for a few years, you might remember Johnson Creek. This company made incredible vape juice, and in their last few years before the governmental hammer came down in the US, Johnson Creek designed and released an amazing mod called the “Vea”. (We still own a few Vea’s and several of their empty glassomizers)

I was able to test the TargetX with a JC Glassomizer I still had on the shelf, and while it did work well, the bottom line for me was, “why bother?” That era for the vape industry was clearly the ‘Golden Years’, but technology moved forward and these days if you are using glass cartridges chances are it’s filled with CBD oil and Cannabis concentrates.

The CBD/Cannabis Mod for Anyone and Everyone

The TargetX is what it is; a unique 510 mod for vaping CBD and Cannabis Cartridges. Here is where the mod is comfortable, and it performs like a champ.

The efficiency and economy of the TargetX is perfect for a quick vape of CBD or Cannabis. While in comparison to the tiny Tik10 and Tik20, is still small (fits in the palm of your hand small) providing a viable voltage product like the workings of the Tik line but built for those users that complained the Tik units we a tad too small.

Doteco builds stripped-down, no-frills devices at a very affordable price, and if you’re going to vape these types of cartridges anything more is a waste of money. The TIK10 and Tik20 is a very popular design. That’s mainly because it is incredibly easy to use and quick to recharge with the USB-C port/cable. The TargetX is larger and offers a few features that the Tik line doesn’t have.

Let’s look at what the TargetX is all about and what it offers…

The TargetX is in the category of ‘box mods’ and features an internal and rechargeable 650mAh battery. The voltage adjustment dial sits atop the unit. It fits most, if not all, 510-thread cartridges with a coil resistance of more than 1.00hm.

Mechanical Switch Setting Voltage

Your vaping experience can extend between 2.7V-4.2V in increments of 0.1V. The user turns the dial counterclockwise to increase the voltage. An easy twist of the dial to set it to your desired voltage.

15-Second Preheating Function at 1.8V

The TargetX is equipped with a 15S preheat function that sets it apart of most other CBD/Cannabis cartridge mods. This preheat ‘function’ warms up the CBD or Cannabis oils before vaping. Preheating helps deliver the original flavor of the oils. It may not sound like much, but when you experience it first-hand, you’ll understand immediately.

Using the TargetX Preheat Function

Rapidly click the power button twice and the preheat mode is activated. The preheating takes just 15-seconds to warm up to 1.8V, and the units 6 lights will cycle through with red, blue, green, yellow, white, orange, pink.

You can either click the device once or wait for the preheating time to end.

TargetX and Auto Shut-off

The Doteco TargetX will automatically shut down after 12 minutes without any use. This is not only a good safety feature, but it also saves battery consumption.

Load Detection

The Unit has a blue indicator light on for 1 second when you attach a cartridge.

Type-C charging Port for Fast Recharge Time

The Type-C charging port needs only 90 minutes to fully charge the 650mAh battery.

TargetX has the Latest 3 Protection Modes

Although the TargetX is an inexpensive cartridge battery, Doteco did not skimp out on the safety measures. There are 3 major features that will provide a safe vaping experience.

Short circuit protection: indicator light flashes 3 times, output stop.

Vaping time limit for each puff; 10-seconds and then it stops and blinks 5 times.

Low-Power Protection: When the ‘no-load voltage’ is lower than 3.3V or the load voltage is lower than 2.8V the low-voltage protection will turn on. You’ll see 6 red LED lights on flashing 10 times to indicate the low power, and the battery shuts down to protect you and the device.

Doteco’s TargetX Unique Design

I was trying to for hours to come up with a way to describe the TargetX to a friend on a phone call. It was impossible to do it accurately, that is until Julia came into the office, and said, “Oh cool, it looks like a pair of binoculars” and her description of it was as accurate as anything I could come up with… binoculus with a control ring on one side and the cartridge dock on the other.

TargetX Magnetic Cartridge Dock and End Caps

The TargetX uses a standard 510 threaded cartridge, but instead of screwing the cartridge into the threading like you did with the Tik10 and Tik20, it uses a magnetic attachment for the cartridge.

The unit comes with 2 metal nuts, or end caps that thread onto the bottom of the cartridge. Once threaded on the cartridge you simply drop the cartridge into the well and the magnetic bottom firmly holds the cartridge in place. Not only is it a cool little feature, but it also saves time removing and replacing the cartridge.

Then there’s the temperature control. The temperature is set with a dial at the top of the unit, which you twist to adjust the voltage from 2.7 to 4.2 V. This is easier to use than a button setting and gives you a full range of voltage ‘stops. The ability to tailor your voltage to your preferred ‘power’ is a great feature for the fast-growing cartridge/battery market.

Lastly, the unit has a single large button on the front, surrounded by the LED light display. It looks cool and provides terrific control of the unit.

Doteco TargetX Step by Step Set Up

Plug in the USB-C to charge it fully (important) – the button turns green when fully charged. If you want the battery to last as long as it can, always fully charge BEFORE first use.

Take the metal end cap and thread it on the cartridge you’ll use.

Drop the cartridge into the unit. When seated properly it will flash blue to show that the cartridge is detected and ready to go.

Turn the device on by pressing the large middle button 5x quickly. it will flash green to indicate the device is powered “on”.

Adjust the dial to your desired voltage. Start low and work up to what is best for you and the cartridge. CBD and Cannabis cartridges voltages vary from brand to brand, as well as between CBD and cannabis concentrates.

Press the large middle button twice to kick the unit into preheat mode – it will cycle through colors as it heats up.

When the preheating is done and you are ready to vape, press the middle button (it’s now the fire button) which turns red to indicate power is moving through the cartridge

Inhale from the cartridge.

Remember to break in your cartridge slowly. Start with short hits from it, and as it breaks in the hits get smoother (depending on the oils in the cartridge of course).

Doteco TargetX Pro’s and Con’s


Compact and discreet

Good airflow and smooth hits

Innovative temperature control

USB type C port charging

Excellent battery performance

Automatic shut-off


Cartridge docking is a bit strange. Still not sure about the end caps

It needs a manual. It might be a simple battery but knowing exactly how to set it up and use it, step by step, would have been nice. (Though now all you need to do is print out this review)

Standout Features

I love the dial settings, which is a great idea I’d like to see adopted by others.

The color LED display around the middle button looks great, and the button control and light feedback system is excellent.

My Thoughts and Rating

I like the Doteco TargetX for what it is.  It offers several features that make cartridge vaping even better. The cartridge docking system seemed like a cool feature at first, but if you lose an end cap to thread your 510 cartridge you won’t be able to get or hold a connection. It’s a good enough idea, but I lose little things, often. Then again, the cartridge well is too deep to easily screw into place, so in order to hold the unique design of the TargetX, it needs to magnetic connection.

It didn’t take much to get working well, after I fully charged the battery.  The device delivered a smooth and satisfying experience with both CBD and cannabis cartridges, so the unit delivers on performance.

The voltage dial is an excellent feature, allowing for a full range of voltage tweaking. I also really like the window where you can see the cartridge oil level. You’ll never need to worry about a dry hit. The cartridges I use are all single use, but it is a plus to be able to keep your eye on the oil level.

All in all, I like the TargetX quite a bit. I’ve been switching between the Tik10, Tik20, and this unit over the past couple of weeks, and I have to say that once I got used to all three of them, I found myself reaching for this one more often than the others.

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