DOTECO TIK10 Review by Spinfuel

As someone that regularly use CBD and Cannabis cartridges, I am very aware of the lack of proper hardware for utilizing these cartridges the way they should be. The DOTECO Tik10 has finally delivered the perfect tool for cart users.

Tik10 is Tiny but Powerful…

Not to mention inexpensive, and lightweight…

Some reviewers might suggest that, even today, in 2023, the Tik10 would make a good vape battery for the cartomizer. If you’ve been vaping for a decade or so, you might remember cartomizers. The thing is, I’m not even sure you can buy them anymore.

Instead of attempting to tell you that the best reason for buying this small 510-threaded vape battery is for your cartomizer, I’m going to tell you what the Tik10 is really made for…. Glass cartridges containing either CBD or Cannabis Oil.

I’ve been looking for the “right” vaporizer battery for my CBD cartridges that the minute I saw the Tik10 I knew I found the right piece of hardware.

What it Is. What it Does.


The Doteco Tik10 is a (very) compact 510 battery that has a spring-loaded 510 connection. Fortunately, it is compatible with literally every 510 oil cartridges on the market.

It’s internal and rechargeable 400mAh battery uses the now standard USB-C port and cable for extremely fast charging. The unit has an adjustable voltage with 4 different power levels, giving you the option to adjust your ‘vape’ to the characteristics of the individual cartridge you buy.

The Tik10 is so lightweight and compact that it comes with a lanyard for easy carrying, or threading through your keychain.

Colors… Lots and Lots of Colors

The Doteco Tik10 comes in 10 very cool color options: pink/white, yellow/white, red/white, orange/white, blue/white, purple/white, green/white, teal/white, black/white, and a solid all-black. Strangely enough my favorites are the yellow/white and teal/white. They are inexpensive 

enough to buy more than one, or maybe all 10.

Real World Tik10 Firsthand Experience
 I almost couldn’t believe how small the Tik10 was when I removed it from the packaging. It comes in a plastic tube about 5-6 inches tall, but most of that height is the USB-C cable, lanyard, and more.
While it may fit in the palm of your hand, we all know that isn’t the way you would use it. Once it’s charged (and since it is lithium-ion always fully charge your device before using it for the first time.) Once a CBD or Cannabis cartridge is attached the length practically doubles, and 

you hold it as you would any other vaporizer.

Ease of Use

Doteco made a simple small vape battery that looks good and performs well.  The cool looks are only one part of the appeal of the Tik10.
The charge port is located on the base of the device. The fire button on the front of the Tik10 is slightly bumped out and has a solid and responsive click while using it. Finally, beneath the fire button is a 4 LED light system that tells the user so much.
These LEDs are different colors that help to show the device’s power level and your current battery status.
The adjustable voltage has 4 different power levels.

Tik10’s LED lights designate the current power setting like this:
7V = Green (Bottom light)
2V = Blue (second light)
7V = Yellow (third light)
2V = Red (top light)
The top of the Tik10is is where the 510-thread port is. It is spring-loaded for a solid connection. During the testing time I used several CBD cartridges and a few Cannabis cartridges and didn’t have an issue with any of them.

Using the Tik10 with a Cartridge

Using the Tik10 is simple, a one button reality:

5 clicks = on/off
3 (rapid) clicks = changes voltage setting
2 clicks = Pre-heat mode – indicator light gradually changes color. To stop the pre-heat, click the button once.

Tik10 Safety Protections

The Tik10 has all the safety protection you’d want and need in a modern 510 vape battery.

Short circuit protection light will flash 3 times

Cut-off protection – vape time is 10s, it will auto-cut off, and the light will blink 5 times.

Low power protection – when the load voltage is lower than 2.8V, the low voltage protection kicks in. As low power mode, all 4 lights will flash 10 times and the unit stops working.

Tik10 Battery

Its 400mAh battery is ample enough for use with oil or CBD carts. Since you would never vape CBD or Cannabis as you would a tobacco cigarette or even a sub-ohm tank with freebase high-VG vape juice, you’ll get enough power to use for several hours.
Because of its USB-C charging, the charge time about 40 minutes.
When using the CBD Cartridges, I find the 3.2V setting about perfect for me.  I got plenty of vapor at this setting, and the battery lasted a bit longer than firing it at 4.2V.

Preheating and the Tik10

Honestly, I did not expect to see a Pre-heat option on this simple vape battery. But I’m glad it has one. It works properly and is easy to activate.

                     TIP: Whenever the device had been sitting for a while, always activate the pre-heat first.

Doteco Tik10 Battery Specifications:

Ergonomic body design
Pre-heat function
Output Power: Adjustable
Output Voltage: 2.7V-4.2V
Battery Capacity: 400mAh Built-in Battery
Charging: USB-C (40-45 mins)

Doteco Tik10 Battery Kit Contents
Tik10 Device
Type C Cable
User Manual

Bringing it all Back Home

If you’re looking for a 510 battery for using CBD or Cannabis Cartridges the TIK10 will do the trick for very little investment. It provides thick vapor from the first draw (using the preheat first) and best of all, the first to the last puff with CBD or Cannabis concentrates are super smooth, something that you can’t get when trying to use them on a vape mod made for sub-ohm tanks of vape juice.

   Let’s be honest; the Doteco Tik10 will not revolutionize vaping. That’s not the job it was made to do.

What it will do is deliver a solid vape experience in an inexpensive package. The Tik10 is a compact and modern-looking vape battery, with color combinations that most will consider fun to use.
So, the bottom line is this; if you vape cartridges, it doesn’t matter how many vaporizers you have right now. Picking up one or more inexpensive Tik10’s will provide a safety net should you need one, and using it at home, at the office (does anyone work in an office anymore?) or running errands or traveling, the Tik10 is going to be a vaporizer you are very happy to have.

Grade: A-

Simple, functional, very accurate, the Tik10 provides the right battery for every CBD and Cannabis concentrate cartridge you can buy.