DOTECO TIK20 Review by Spinfuel-Thumb Size 510 Battery-A New Standard

Hmmm… The DOTECO Tik20 … A much nicer 510 vape battery – Last week we looked at the DOTECO Tik10, a simple voltage 510-thread rechargeable battery to cartridge users. Whether its cannabis concentrates or CBD, these batteries are both affordable, and reliable. Today we look at the Tik20 510 battery, and this time, we are more than impressed.

Smallest Battery with a Display
The DOTECO TIK20 is an improvement over the TIK10, adding new features like a full-screen OLED display, but without changing the form factor at all. It’s still tiny, but oh so much more capable.

The DOTECO TIK20  seems to be, at this point anyway, to be a wholesale product, or what some call an OEM product. We’re not sure how much it will cost, or who will be selling it. I imagine one or both will become available at cannabis dispensaries, head shops, and perhaps a million other stores where an easy to use 510-threaded battery would sell well enough.

The Doteco TIK20 In Detail

We may have mentioned this in our Doteco Tik10 review, but it’s worth saying it again. Anyone, and everyone, that is new to cartridge vaping, will invariably bring their cartridges home only to panic when it comes time to figure out what in the world can he or she use to vape this $30 cartridge. For some reason, we just don’t think about that when we’re shelling out the hefty prices of the cartridges, but when we get home?

It’s for this reason that I think the Tik10 and DOTECO Tik20 (as well as the TargetX) will become widely available wherever CBD or cannabis cartridges are sold. And because of their size, they should be a “point of sale” product, right up there at the register. Perhaps even train the employees to ask every cartridge customer, “do you have a proper battery to use with your carts?” Chances are, the Tik’s will sell big as a impulse buy, and the customer will profusely thank the person behind the counter for reminding them that it’s not going to be cool to try to vape a 510-thread cartridge with a huge box mod.

What We Like about the Tik20

Preheating is very fast. Like the Tik10, you won’t wait but a second or two before the Doteco Tik20 is ready to start delivering vapor from the cartridges.

Some other features we found to be spot-on excellent are:

The 5x power button that turns the device on or off.

Click the power button twice to start up the pre-heat mode process.

A good size button press to use hold to draw from.

Directly under the fire button is the “+” and “-” buttons that can adjust temperature (voltage). And finally, the easy way to find out how many puffs you’ve taken; hold both the + and – buttons to see how many puffs you’ve taken in the current session.

OLED display, puff-counter, fire button, and more…
The puff-counter is as important to the user as the OLED display.  If you happen to be a medical cannabis user the usefulness of the puff counter, and its ability to keep track of how many hits you’ve taken is worth its weight in gold. Use the counter to make sure you’re not overusing or underusing. I don’t think any other mini 510 battery has a puff counter and that tells me Doteco took a lot of time designing the Tik20 to be the best, most useful 510 battery on the market.

Temperature Control (variable voltage)
The voltage range runs from 1.8v – 4.2v, and with each adjust up or down in the voltage control how much heat and power going into the cartridge. I tend to vape my cartridges with a notch or two higher than normal, so I maximize the vapor production, and to get warmer vapor. The Tik20 allows the user to slowly go up in voltage to find that sweet spot.

Like the Tik10, the Doteco TIK20 comes with a lanyard that is useful for keeping safe and secure on your person. The TIK20 is small enough to fit into the smallest pockets, or purse, and can be perfect for traveling, or running around town.

 Like all new vape devices, the Tik20 uses USB-C for charging. The biggest complaint of the Tik20, the Tik10, and even the DOTECO TargetX is hos short the USB-C cable is.

 Lastly, The Tik20 comes with a small, but informative manual.

What can I say about the Tik20 that I haven’t already said? The quality for this tiny, 4.2v 510 battery is excellent. It serves the user well, with long lasting charge, fast recharge with USB-C, and a reliable voltage current.

Grade: A+
“The battery every cartridge use needs”